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With all these things that I've done.

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Name:Nathaniel || John Mandrake
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'I rather think he knew anyway'
"John Mandrake was an attractive young man, and the scent of power hung about him, sweet and intoxicating, like honeysuckle in the evening air. He was of medium height, slender of body, and swift and confident in action. His pale, slim face presented an intriguing paradox, combining extreme youth- he was still only seventeen years old- with experience and authority. His eyes were dark and quick and serious, his forehead prematurely lined.

His intellectual self-assurance, which had once perilously outstripped his other skills, had now been bolstered by a certain social poise. To peers and inferiors alike he was courteous and charming at all times, although also somewhat remote, as if distracted by an inner melancholy. Alongside the crude appetites of his fellow ministers, this subdued detachment attained an elegance that only added to his mystique."

-Ptolemy's Gate
, pg 21-22
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